Valcena exclusively offers in each of its beauty institutes, facials and body treatments adapted to each type of skin. Thanks to the professionalism of our beauticians, live a relaxing and magical journey throw-out.

Hydra Rose (Moisturizing Rose)

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Pure Thé (Pure Tea)

Designed for greasy skin, this care product allows to eliminate the excess of sebum and to matify the skin thanks to the manual techniques and to the active ingredients obtained from willow leaves and tea tree oil.

Nutri Olive (Nourishing Olive)


Designed for dry skin, this care product allows to regenerate and nourish the skin owing to the active ingredients derived from olives, spirulina and rosemary oil.

Douce Rose (Soothing Rose)


Designed for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones, this care product allows to hydrate, soothe and regenerate the skin as well as protect it from environmental aggressors.
All this owing to the rose oil noted for its authentic properties.

Perles et Or (Pearls and Gold)


Designed for mature skin, this care product allows to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lift the skin owing to the active ingredients obtained from precious materials such as gold and cultured pearls.

Blue River (Men Care)


Designed for men, facial revitalizing treatment combines marine silts, known for their remineralizing and purifying, with a complex of essential oils tonic.

Rose de Californie (California Rose)


This type of sculpting is characterized by fluid, harmonious movements which envelop the body. Benefits from this type of sculpting include better tissue irrigation, an improvement in blood and lymph circulation, a return to psychological balance and diminished stress.

SPA Treatment


Discover Valcena SPA treatments (Body scrub , Body wrap, Face and Body Massage with herb pouches). The precious steps in the treatments using natural active ingredients will provide comfort, gentleness and harmony to the mind and body.

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